The Lake Los Angeles News

I was recently featured in THE Lake Los Angeles News. The article discussed my winning bookmark for the LA County Library bookmark contest. It also discussed my business adventures and the launch of the new business Food For My Babies that I started with my brother Ali. We made over $1000 in one month selling 200 plus bottles of...

American Legion Post 311 9/20/20

Sanyu attended her first event at American Legion Post 311 on September 20, 2020. This was after a successful day at Sol Plaza Boutique.

American Legion Post 311 held a flea market last month. It was a great opportunity because vendors are able to sell whatever they want.

Sanyu sold her original artwork, GabbyBows, and of course the fresh juice from Food For My Babies made with her six-year-old brother Ali.

Sanyu Returns to Sol Plaza & Debuts Food For My Babies

Last month Sanyu returned to Sol Plaza Boutique Mall for their AV ArtNSoul Business + Nonprofit Expo 2020!

The event was a two-day event that took place on Sept. 19 and Sept. 20. This was the first vendor event Sanyu participated in since the pandemic had closed everything down … and the first one this year.

This was Sanyu’s fourth event at Sol Plaza Boutique Mall. This event was extra special as Sanyu and her brother Ali debuted their new company Food For My Babies.


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